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Hi! I am the owner and at the same time the artisan of POMFUR.

I am used to communicating directly with my customers because it inspires me so much! So if you are a guest on this site and want to learn more about fur accessories stored here – welcome and let’s get acquainted!

What’s on shelves?

My main passion and space for creativity are natural furs and handmade decorations: key-chains, scrunchies, slippers, collars, bears, etc. Here are some basic facts about the range of products you will buy here:

  • The prevalent material I work with is mink fur, but depending on the design it can be also fox, sable or raccoon;
  • All items are fashion products and decorations – they can’t be treated as toys for children. Nevertheless, they are made of safe and carefully selected materials;
  • If your size is not represented in stock or you need some other color – you always can contact me and I will make my every effort to help you!

Your choice

I don’t want to throw loud words and persuade you that my items are the best. I can afford to stay aside and let the quality to talk for it. The only thing I want you to know is that online shopping in POMFUR will feel like a walk to a time-tested local craft shop and here is why:

  • Personal approach: I treat every client as a welcomed guest and I will be happy to provide any assistance in choosing, purchasing and afterward care of fur item. All my regular customers enjoy seasonal discounts and sweet individual perks for friends.
  • Exclusiveness: mass production has never been one of my aims. I put a part of my soul in every piece of art you will find in my shop and I bet on uniqueness instead of the large turnover.
  • Quality guarantee: I never was able to make a deal with conscience, so you can be sure in the durability of every stored item.

Piece of my history

I have been working with real fur for most of my adult life. The idea of creating little accessories was born from regret for valuable pieces of fur: parts too small to use in coat sewing are typically considered as rubbish by large manufacturers and thrown away.

Everything started from a small pompom for a friend and turned into the POMFUR website, which I am sincerely proud of. Interesting fact: this long path took 5 years of my life and my main “employees”, husband and kids, shared all peripetia of business from scratch with me.

So go ahead and ask me any questions – I will be happy to provide you with all the needed information! Or just take a walk along the shelves and choose something special for you or your close people.