Unique and fascinating

PomFur is a store where every single accessory is handmade so it is always unique even if the color is same. Everything you purchase will travel to you from Ukraine. Our country is proud of countless talented craftsmen living in here and now you have an opportunity to discover the fascinating Ukrainian workmanship by yourself.

Despite the fact of being handmade all accessories are of the highest quality. Made of real fur they look luxurious and can serve for years if use them properly. In the wide range of items, you will simply find a present for your beloved one, for your relatives our friends, even for your boss or some celebrity.

Judging by the great experience not only women love real fur, but even a man will be truly rapt if he gets the new pair of fur slippers or even a cute bear to garnish a room or an office.

Our guarantees

At the very beginning, we could not imagine working on the international level. Today the PomFur accessories have already traveled almost to all parts of the world. And we are totally sure that being open and straight to the customers is the only way to build a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.

One of the PomFur goals is to give an example of the fair business that can be both honest and successful. So ordering here you can always be sure that:

  1. Your order will be delivered to any country you want.
  2. If the size of the item doesn’t fit it will be necessarily replaced.
  3. You will always get an answer to any of your questions.
  4. The item you purchased will be of the highest quality.

And finally, you can always count on friendly and responsive information support.

Individual order

If you can’t find wanted color or size of an item in the store you may address us and make an individual order. Be ready to face the higher cost and to wait a little more, as the process of creation of something new is always time-consuming and complicated. Still, at the end, you will get something made in a single copy personally for you or your closest ones.

The question of ethics

As it was already said, we are working with real fur, which someone can find unacceptable for his or her self. We highly respect other people’s principles and never try to impose any point of view. It’s only left to say that our items are made of so-called oddments left after the global coat production. They are qualitative and selected with great accuracy, but still if not sold off they would be simply thrown out.

Thank you for reading and hope you will find something special on the PomFur virtual shelves.