Guarantees and conditions

  1. Delivery to any part of the world.
  2. Only airline delivery to make is faster.

Approximate terms of delivery depend on the destination:

    • The USA: 10-14 days;
    • Europe: 7-10 days;
    • Australia: 14-18 days;
    • Japan: 14-16 days.
  1. Your order is sent during 3 business days after the payment (in the most cases it’s even the next day after the payment).
  2. The day the order is sent you get a photo of a parcel as a confirmation and a tracking number to follow its movements online.
  3. You can made the payment via PayPal.

Special circumstances

Please take a note that in the period of great feasts like Christmas or Easter etc the term of delivery can be twice longer. Be sure you have purchased all gifts in advance because the delays can be really long and they are not our fault: the post services are just overloaded with work.

For instance, in the period of Christmas holidays 2016-2017 the delivery to every country has been taken up to 1,5 month! Finally, all parcels were successfully delivered but there were a lot of nerves wasted too from the both sides.

So please don’t worry if there is a delay and be sure to start your holiday shopping in time 😉

About refunds and replacements


Before we pack your order it is always checked carefully. We make our every effort to do it the best so the cases of requires for replacement are very rare. Still, if something is wrong with the item or it just doesn’t fit your size (if talking about slippers or gloves) then, of course, we will make a replacement. Any problems are simply solved by contacting us: we are always open for a dialogue.

Be aware!

None of the accessories in the store are the toys. They are NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN OR FOR PEOPLE WITH AN ALLERGY to fur and must be treated with accuracy to serve for long. If you are interested in how to take care of real fur look for the section “More to know”.

Thank you for getting acquainted with PomFur policies and enjoy your shopping!