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Real fur headband belongs to the rare kind of accessories that are not widely spread in modern fashion. Still, wisely applied it can outline the aristocratic shades of your outfit and become an indispensable assistant for any occasion.

Hidden Features

At the very first glance fur headband may look simple and not that multipurpose. But let’s look behind the curtain of the first impression. Here is what you are going to find out that:

  1. The velvet tape on the inner side of the accessory is the best choice to pass the warmth of natural fur to your skin. It will keep your ears and head protected from any cold or wind without ruining the style.
  1. You can use the headband as a collar too! And believe me – no scarf will face the challenge of frosting winter better than this gorgeous transformer.

Plus, in my case, handmade means not amateurish but of the highest quality. Being a perfectionist is not always convenient for daily life, but really helps when it’s come to sewing. So buying from my website guarantees the durability of the item.

The Range of Items

All items in this section are made of real mink fur. You may say, that mink headband is quite a specific choice for gifts or daily accessories. That’s why I picked up the most popular colors for them: black, brown, gold and white. For the inner part velvet tapes and the strings repp tapes I picked the respective colors. The sizes are same for all models: 50 cm in length and 8 cm in width. If you need something different – just let me know and I will check what can be done!

Will never get tired to repeat that I’m always on the side of my customers. I know on my own experience how hard it’s to choose clothes online. Not even mentioning how many unpleasant surprises Internet shopping can bring. So in the first place, I want you to feel safe and protected on my site. Please, never hesitate to contact me and share any concerns or questions you may have!