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If you feel like your gorgeous look is lacking something try out a fluffy keychain. You will be surprised how radically it can change the whole outfit despite the small size. And there are some things you’d like to know about the most playful and rowdy-dowdy section on this site before buying something.

Range of items

The concept of fur keychain is both simple and ingenious: a little piece of natural fur on a pendant serves as a gorgeous culmination of your fashion outfit symphony. And it leaves so much space for the craziest ideas! So here what you can choose from when looking for an ideal accessory:

  • Pompoms of all colors: you will be surprised, but the whole POMFUR website once started from one of these little cuties.
  • Coat keychains: my special invention to those who want to present their beloved a coat with minimal losses. Just kidding – they look really nice and you hardly can find anything similar throughout the Internet.
  • Heart keychains: let’s be honest – these are the most popular purchase when the St. Valentine’s day in on its way.
  • Bears keyrings: those guys will melt anyone’s heart. The best choice if you want to astonish someone with an unpredictable gift.

I know, it will be hard to choose, but I believe in you, my friend!

Caution – beading!

For all handmade items stored in my online shop, I always select the best materials. Beading for keychains is the most controversial issue in this context: I can guarantee the quality of the seams, but it’s hard to vouch for something produced by someone else?

Thus, I always use only time-tested materials from one specific supplier. Plus, I never apply golden beading as it is more prone to fading and crumbling. Also, please, keep the item away from children under 3 years – there are some small details dangerous for them. Remember that real furs are not a toy!

Application Instructions

There are so many different ways of wearing a fur keyring! I made a brief survey among friends to whom I once gave some of those fluffies as a gift and here is a list of top ideas for applying it:

  • attaching it to your keys (surprise-surprise);
  • hanging it on your purse or handbag;
  • hooking to your belt;
  • decorating your rearview mirror with it (but make sure it doesn’t block the view);
  • and even putting it on your Christmas tree!

Challenge yourself and invent your own, better method – transform your daily look forever!