Bear Keychains

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The idea of bear keychains  wasn’t totally my own as it sometimes happens. I can’t remember exactly if it was a family member…. Maybe it was just a creative customer who asked to attach an anchorage to a little bear accessory. I doubted that this idea will gain any popularity.  But it turned out that such a bag charm is quite popular among brave and extreme fashion admirers.

Technical Details

I want all my users to know exactly what they are buying. I want you to realize what you’re going to get when purchasing at my website. Thus, here are some main facts about this section items that may help to make the decision:

  • A teddy bear keychains is made of natural furs.
  • So far I use only mink and sometimes sable. The small size of items requires very detailed and accurate work. That’s why I prefer not to apply long hair fur in this case.
  • All details are fixed – bear’s legs and arms won’t move.
  • The binding is made of leather loop at the head of the bear. This technique protects the item from damage and makes it more durable.
  • Real fur requires special care even if it’s a small accessory. Don’t wet it, and avoid keeping it in narrow and dusty closed places. Also, don’t hesitate to brush it a little and shake if the fur got a little bit crumpled.

But the main rule of using all my accessories – let them bring you warmth and happiness. Enjoy the energy of handmade beauty!

Fashion Parade 

Developing this site section I was trying to offer you something you would never find anywhere else throughout the Internet. That’s how all those crazy ideas were born. For example, only here you will find a black and brown panda keychain or the snow white cute thing.

Available models of different colors and moods are the best gifts surprises. They are represented with outstanding quality and a piece of my soul left in each little muzzle. By the way, regarding muzzles! I have to warn you that there isn’t even a pair of totally similar bears. That’s the main challenge of real fur accessories and their main advantage as well.

POMFUR is a rare place and case. Here online shopping can become even a better choice with more individual approach than usual physical stores. So drop a word if you still have any questions and don’t forget to check out other keychains options!

They are not toys, but friends. They are not really alive, but they bring you real warmth and love… Every of them are different and unique, with their own unrepeatable characters and souls… But don’t believe our words – words mean nothing, when you look in their sincere, cute eyes and pet their fuzzy fur, softer than the softness itself. Don’t be hesitated – open their profiles: every member of our big Teddy Bears family has its own story to tell!