Heart Keychains

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To be honest I don’t even think this part of the site needs any introduction. It’s just now you have the opportunity to surprise your beloved with a piece of your heart. It exudes love, care, and warmth that you can physically feel keeping the heart keychain in your hands for the very first seconds. But still, there are some important things you have to know before “adding to cart”.

Main Characteristics

Here are answers to commonly asked questions that may help you to make the decision:

  • All heart keychains are made of natural
  • Each item goes with a plastics or glass bead of the corresponding color.
  • The anchorage is handmade as well as the heart itself.
  • It’s made of selected metal details put together.
  • The metal carbine will help to attach the accessory to any purse, key or even your belt.

I guarantee the highest quality of each keychain: all materials I use are time-checked as well as the technology. Fashion has to be comfortable, durable and joyful – that’s the most important principle of POMFUR site.

Beware of Water

As all real fur accessories heart keychains require special care:

  1. The first and the main thing – don’t wet it. If you accidentally did that, never try to dry the item by force. The best decision, in this case, will be to keep it in a dry place. Once the heart gets dry – brush it and shake intensively. Don’t worry, the anchorage is strong enough and the fur will return into its original view.
  2. Don’t be scared of regular usage: the more you touch the fur – the better it looks. I already offered you different ways to complement your daily look with that little fluffies. Check if you can think of something more!
  3. If you are buying the heart for a gift – make sure to check if your recipient isn’t allergic to it.

The widest range of colors, durability and the seams perfection – that’s what I offer you here. Let me know if you have any more question about one of the most popular keychain shapes on my website. I make my every effort to provide you with quick online support. Make a considerable decision and let’s make the Internet the better place for shopping together!