Women's Slippers

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A charming lady is charming always – no matter home or outside, on public or alone. That’s why once tried fur women’s slippers will stay in your heart forever. I designed saw them together to bring joy to sensitive girls’ hearts.

               Special Features

Working with natural furs is always complex and unpredictable. Years of tailoring experience helped me to develop some specific rules that help to make ladies slippers both gorgeous-looking and well-fitting:

  1. The shape of sole differs from the men’s one. To make a slipper look more subtle and sophisticated I narrow it down to the extent where it doesn’t restrain movements.
  1. I adapted the sizes for women too. Plus, I always provide individual sewing services in case your size is not in store. Usually, I recommend my tender half of clients to buy a pair 0,5-0,8 cm longer than the foot. Don’t worry about the possibility of sliding off – practice shows that such proportions are the best for comfortable wearing.
  1. Slippers for girls are made of the softest real mind or fox. I try to select more gentle colors to make sure you will look astonishingly gorgeous even at home.

               Popular Questions

There are a lot of different designs on this shelf of my online store. But before you dive into this whirlpool of fashion, here are some important things I’d like you to know:

  • So far I don’t make closed slippers with back and don’t plan to start due to different technical issues.
  • This handmade women’s footwear isn’t suitable for the street. To avoid leather sole wearing out better use it only at home.
  • Like all real fur accessories, these fluffies like being regularly used. If you want them to stay a part of your fashion look for longer – don’t keep them for “special moments”.

A usual, I am always open to any of your ideas and suggestions. Contact me if you have any special wishes or don’t see anything fitting at the site. Let’s make your dreams come true together!